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Significant relief from the first adjustments

Headaches or neck pain, low back pain, muscle tension... patients of all ages have been able to benefit from the care provided at the Centre Chiropratique Vitalité to eliminate or reduce chronic pain, which is sometimes difficult to experience on a daily basis. These patients kindly shared their chiropractic story in order to help others. Discover some of their stories below. Please note that we changed their names to maintain confidentiality.

Neuralgia, Headaches Repeated Earaches Torticollis A Very Active Man Back Pain & Posture

Neuralgia, Headaches

"Louis, 28, was sent by his boss. For the past ten years, he had suffered from chronic and sporadic cervical neuralgia on the right side of his head. The pain first appeared as a headache. Then the pain became acute from the top of the neck to the ear and jaw, down to the right trapezius. He had been suffering from constant and severe pain for three weeks. Analgesic drugs provided some relief but the pain persisted. At night, once the young man was in bed, it was even worse. He couldn’t take it anymore! He informed me that he had never had an accident but that his birth had been difficult, his mother having given birth by caesarean section.

I examined Louis and took x-rays. I notice a malformation of the vertebrae of C1 and C2, as well as a fusion between C2 and C3. There was a muscle spasm in the upper right side of his neck. The first cervical vertebrae was misaligned to the right and tilted 13 degrees forward! Louis' neck was too straight (military neck), and his C5 was misaligned downward. To help maintain the first cervical vertebrae in proper alignment, the other joints involved would also need to be treated. There was also a misalignment of the left sacroiliac down and the fifth lumbar vertebrae was turned to the left and down. I hoped Louis would achieve some stability in his spine, even with his cervical malformation.

From the first adjustment, Louis noticed great relief that the neuralgic pain in his ear and right jaw and the cervical pain (headache) had disappeared! Louis has been under my care for two months now, and he feels perfectly fine. It’s excellent news!”

- Louis, 28 years old

Repeated Earaches

"Little Marie-Anne, 2, was brought to my chiropractic clinic by her mother. Since the age of one year, and about every 2 months, Marie-Anne had been placed on antibiotics to treat repeated earaches. The slightest cold infected the little girl's ears. Her mother also informed me that Marie-Anne did not have a good appetite, that she cried a lot, that she was easily irritable. Her parents were worried and discouraged to see their little girl so often sick. They wanted to find a solution to improve Marie-Anne's health. The mother told me that her delivery was difficult and that Marie-Anne was born by caesarean section. She also mentioned that the little girl fell out of bed once. Impacts can cause misalignment of the spine and irritations of certain nerves. General health may then be affected.

I performed the chiropractic examination and I was able to see a misalignment to the left of Marie-Anne's first cervical vertebrae. There was also muscle tension and slight inflammation in the C1-C2 region, the vertebrae at the top of the neck.

I treated Marie-Anne's misaligned vertebrae gently and precisely. My little patient had a total of four chiropractic adjustment sessions. Today, she has not had any more earaches for 9 months. Her mother is overjoyed and still can't believe it!”

Postural Considerations:

“Avoid having your baby sleep on their stomach. This position causes a repetitive twisting of the neck.”

- Marie-Anne, 2 years old


"Lucie, 27, was recommended for chiropractic by her doctor. She was pregnant and caring for her first one-year-old baby. For a few weeks, she had been feeling an occasional but uncomfortable stiffness in her neck. In the days before her visit, this stiffness has increased to the point of becoming a constant and unbearable pain that prevented her from living comfortably: it was severe torticollis. She could no longer move her head. Her baby, heavy to carry, clung to her and pulled on her neck quite often. When she was a child, Lucie was prescribed corrective insoles by her doctor because of the onset of scoliosis.

I examined Lucie. The entire left side of the neck was in spasm and inflamed. In the left region of C2, I noticed a contracted muscle mass that was sensitive to touch. Every movement of the neck was very painful. The first cervical vertebrae were misaligned to the left, the fourth cervical vertebrae were rotating to the left and the right hip was misaligned downward.

I treated Lucie's misaligned joints with gentle and precise chiropractic adjustments. From the first adjustment, the evening of the session, Lucie felt much better. After the second adjustment, the pain and stiff neck were resolved. Everything was fine and I never saw her again. Two years later, she came back to me for after feeling tension between the shoulder blades: a new symptom that I will treat. But she tells me that her neck has been fine for the past two years!”

- Lucie, 27 years old

Back Pain & Posture

"Charles, 23, came to me for a pain in his lower back that had been going on for a month. In addition, he had difficulty lifting his left leg and felt a blockage in his lower back. The young man played football regularly. As a child, he played contact hockey. He also suffered a traffic accident (a side collision) a few years ago.

After examining Charles and analyzing his x-rays, I found that his right hip was higher and that his first cervical vertebrae were misaligned 5 degrees to the right. Additionally, he suffered from a grade 1 spondylolisthesis in his lower back (anomaly at L5). On visual examination, it was evident that Charles was leaning forward and bending to the right: a common postural imbalance in a person with a lumbar problem.

I treated the first cervical vertebra by chiropractic adjustments. I also treated the sacrum and hips using gentle and precise techniques. Twenty-four hours after the first adjustment, Charles felt good in his lower back. His leg raised without pain and his posture was already much straighter. He continued his treatments for a few weeks to stabilize his condition. Two years later, he is still fine!”

Postural Considerations:

"When you are standing...

- Avoid putting your weight on one leg more than the other.
- Slightly tuck your stomach in, relax your shoulders and slightly relax your buttocks. »

It will help you to keep good and beautiful posture.”

- Charles, 23 years old

A Very Active Man

"Julien, 53, had mid-back pain for the past 6 weeks. It was worse when he lay on his back, when he played golf (the pain then spreads to his ribs) or when he was doing renovations in the house. It all started 6 years ago after making a wrong move during a move. Since then, he had felt a fragility in the middle of his back and surrounding areas. Julien also had weakness and instability in both knees following two operations several years ago. Usually, it is the left knee that bothers him, especially after a game of golf. Lately, the right had also been causing him problems, especially since Julien decided to put his orthotics back on. The right knee was swollen and hurts. As a child, he played hockey and football. At the age of 10, he was hit on the mouth with a baseball bat. He is very active: he plays the saxophone in a music group, plays golf regularly, does a lot of renovations to his house and has a regular full-time job.

I examined Julien and took x-rays. The first cervical vertebrae were misaligned to the left and tilted 2.5 degrees to the back. The left hip was facing upwards. T8 and T9 (thoracic vertebrae) were facing forward and L5 (lumbar vertebrae) was facing right. The tibia of the right knee was turned laterally and the fibula was lower.

I treated Julien's misaligned joints gently with chiropractic adjustments. After the third adjustment, the pain in the middle of the back and ribs had completely disappeared. He even admitted to me that he no longer felt any fragility in this region, which had not happened for 6 years. He was, of course, very happy about it! The swelling and pain in the knee dissipated after applying several ice packs and keeping the right knee joint aligned. But Julien will always retain a certain fragility in his knees. He told me that he felt privileged to follow chiropractic care and that it helps him to maintain a good posture and protects his joints. By keeping a well-aligned spine, it will maintain highly desirable neuro-spinal health!”

- Julien, 53 years old


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