Neuralgia, Headache

“Louis, 28, was referred by his boss. For 10 years, he had suffered from chronic and sporadic cervical neuralgia of the right side of his head. The pain would starts as a headache. Then it would become acute, spreading from the upper neck to the ear and jaw. It would go down into the right trapezius. By the time he came to see me, he had been suffering constant, excruciating pain for three weeks. Painkillers helped a bit, but the pain persisted. At night, in bed, it was even worse. He was at the end of his rope! ... He told me that he had never had an accident, but that his birth was difficult; his mother gave birth to him by caesarean section.”

“I examined Louis and did X-rays. I saw a malformation of the C1 and C2 vertebrae and a fusion between C2 and C3. There was a muscle spasm in the upper right side of the neck. The 1st cervical vertebra was misaligned to the right and turned 13 degrees to the front! Louis’s neck was too straight (military neck) and C5 was misaligned downward. To help the 1st cervical vertebra maintain its proper alignment, you have to treat the other joints involved. There was also a downward misalignment of the left sacroiliac and the 5th lumbar vertebra was turned to the left and down. I hope that even with his cervical malformation, Louis can achieve a certain spinal stability.”

“From the first adjustment, Louis noted with great relief that the nerve pain in his ear and right jaw and cervical pain (headache) were gone! It has now been two months since Louis has been in my care and he feels perfectly fine! What good news!”

Mon, July 29, 2013 - 11:59 AM

- Louis, 28

Recurrent Earache

“Little Marie-Anne, age 2, was brought to my chiropractic clinic by her mother. Since the age of 12 months, Marie-Anne was on antibiotics about every 2 months to treat earache. So we can certainly say she had recurrent earache! She would catch a cold and suddenly the cold would infect her ears. Also, her mother informed me that Marie-Anne did not have a good appetite; she cried a lot and was easily irritated. Her parents were worried and discouraged to see that their little girl was sick so often. They wanted to find a solution to improve Marie-Anne’s health. Her mother told me that the birth was difficult. Marie-Anne was born by Caesarean section. She also mentioned that the little girl had once fallen out of bed. Trauma can cause misalignment of the spine and irritation of certain nerves. This will then affect the person’s general health.”

“I proceeded to do a chiropractic examination and I observed a misalignment of Marie-Anne’s 1st cervical vertebra to the left. Also, there was muscular tension and mild inflammation in the C1-C2 region, the upper neck vertebrae.

“I gently and precisely treated Marie-Anne’s misaligned vertebra. My little patient had a total of four sessions of chiropractic adjustments. It has now been nine months and she has had no earache. Her mother is thrilled and still cannot believe it!”

“And what about posture!”

“Do not allow a baby to sleep on its stomach. This position causes repetitive twisting of the neck.”

Mon, July 29, 2013 - 24:04 PM

- Marie-Anne, age 2

Stiff Neck

“Lucie, age 27, was recommended to chiropractic by her doctor. She was pregnant and taking care of her first baby, then 12 months old. In recent weeks, she had felt an occasional stiff neck, nothing more. But in recent days, this stiffness had increased and became a constant and unbearable pain that prevented her from functioning; she had a case of severe torticollis. She could not move her head. Her baby, who was heavy to carry, would often cling to her and pull on her neck. When she was small, the doctor prescribed corrective insoles for Lucie, due to an onset of scoliosis.”

“I examined Lucie. The entire left side of her neck was in spasm and inflamed. In the left C2 region, I noticed a contracted muscle mass that was sensitive to touch. Each movement of her neck was very painful. The 1st cervical vertebra was misaligned to the left, the 4th cervical vertebra was rotated to the left and right hip was misaligned downward.”

“I treated Lucie’s misaligned joints by gentle and precise chiropractic adjustments. From the first adjustment, the same evening, Lucie felt much better. After the second adjustment, the pain and torticollis were resolved. All was well and I did not see her again. Two years later, she came back to me since she felt some tension between her shoulder blades – a new symptom that I will treat. But she told me that her neck has been fine for the past 2 years!”

Mon., July 29 2013 - 12:06 PM

- Lucie, age 27

Back Pain and Posture

“Charles, age 23, came to me for a pain in the lower back that had been there for one month. In addition, he had difficulty lifting his left leg and felt a twinge in his lower back. This young man plays football regularly. As a child, he played contact hockey. Also, he had been in a car accident (side impact) a few years before.”

“After examining Charles and analyzing his x-rays, I found that his right hip was higher, that his 1st cervical vertebra was misaligned by 5° to the right. In addition, he had a grade 1 spondylolisthesis in the lower back (L5 anomaly). Looking at him, it was obvious that Charles was standing leaning forward and to the right (frequent postural imbalance in a person with a spinal problem).”

“I treated him with chiropractic adjustments to the 1st cervical vertebra. I also treated the sacrum and hips using gentle and precise techniques. Twenty-four hours after the first adjustment, Charles felt good in his lower back. He could raise his leg without pain and his posture was already much straighter. He continued his treatment for a few weeks to stabilize. Two years later, he is still doing well!”

“And what about posture!”

“When you are standing…”

“Avoid putting more weight on one leg than the other.”

“Tuck your tummy slightly, release your shoulders and slightly release your buttocks.”

“This will help you have good, straight posture...”

Mon, July 29 2013 - 12:01 PM

- Charles, age 23

A Very Active Man

"Julien, age 53, had pain in the middle of his back for 6 weeks. It was worse when he lay on his back, when he played golf (then he also felt pain in the ribs) and when he was busy doing renovations on the house. It all started 6 years ago after he tweaked something when moving furniture. Since then, he had felt a weakness in his mid-back and surrounding ribs. Also, Julien has a weakness and instability in both knees, following two knee operations several years ago. Usually, it was the left knee that bothered him the most, especially after a round of golf. Lately, it was the right that was causing problems, ever since Julien had decided to put his orthotics back on. The right knee was swollen and painful. As a child he played hockey and football. At age 10, he was hit in the mouth by a baseball bat. This man is very active: he plays saxophone in a group, regularly practices golf, does a lot of remodeling to his house and has a regular full-time job.

“I examined Julien and took x-rays. The 1st cervical vertebra was misaligned to the left and 2.5 degrees turned backwards. The left hip was higher. T8 and T9 (thoracic vertebrae) were anterior (forward), and L5 (lumbar vertebra) was turned to the right. The tibia of the right knee was rotated laterally and fibula was lower.

“I used gently chiropractic adjustments to treat Julien’s misaligned joints. After the third adjustment, his middle back and rib pain completely disappeared. He confirms that he no longer feels any weakness in this region, which had not been the case for 6 years. He is very happy! The swelling and knee pain dissipated after applying several ice compresses and keeping the right knee joint aligned. But Julien will always have a certain weakness in the knee area. He says that he feels lucky to be under chiropractic care, since it helps him maintain good posture and protect his joints. Maintaining a properly aligned spine will preserve better neuro-spinal health!”

Mon., July 29 2013 - 12:07 PM

- Julien, age 53

Colds and Asthma

“Philippe, age 5, is the nephew of another patient. As a baby, he developed asthma when he had the flu. Since then, the pumps required for inhalation help control his attacks. But lately, in the past 6 months, the situation had deteriorated. Philippe continually had a cold and repeated asthma attacks. On his first visit, he seemed tired and agitated. Although Philippe used pumps regularly, his asthma did not improve. His parents felt a little desperate, if not helpless. At age 3, Philippe had tumbled down the stairs from the ground floor to the basement. Also, lately, the family had experienced the loss of his grandmother, as well as the arrival of a third child. The accumulation of physical trauma and periods of emotional stress may have contributed to aggravating Philippe’s condition.”

“I examined the little boy. It appeared obvious to me that the upper cervical vertebrae (C1-C2) were not aligned. This irritates the nervous system and can increase Philippe’s susceptibility to asthma. The 1st cervical vertebra was misaligned to the left and facing forward, the second cervical vertebra was to the right. Also, in the upper back (where many nerves are connected to the lungs), the third vertebra was turned to the right.”

“I treated Philippe’s misaligned joints with gentle chiropractic adjustments, using an appropriate instrument. After 3 sessions in 1 month, the asthma symptoms completely dissipated. Finally, he is well! This was happy news for his parents because their son had been sick almost non-stop for 6 months. Recently, he came in for a routine examination. His mother said, “It's great! Philippe has not had an asthma attack in 3 months! This week he caught a cold; his breathing has seemed difficult for a few days.” I gave him another treatment.”

“Philippe’s system is susceptible to the development of asthma. Any interference in the nervous system lessens the strength of his immune and respiratory systems. Chiropractic has a positive impact on those interferences.”

Mon, July 29, 2013 - 12:05 PM

- Philippe, age 5

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